Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Uninspired Tidbits

I think it is time to start learning what kind of music I like. I think I'll put some effort into that. We'll see.

I finally got ahold of the people holding my bird's new stuff hostage. There was a(nother) huge mixup in the shipment. They are sending a 110% refund. I now have to find someone else who sells Clicker training stuff. Frustrating.

I think Rigel understands "stay." It totally worked today, I could tell he really wanted to fly to me while I was in the kitchen, but didn't. Such a good boy. He deserves new toys so much.

There's plenty of food, but nothing to eat. I must plan actual meals before shopping. Must. As much as I like what I eat, the same thing is getting kind of old.

I made granola the other day. I was surprised by how simple it is, nothing special at all. Definitely not worth the arm, two legs, and my ex-husband's left testicle that it costs at the grocery store. Next stop, home-made granola bars.

It has been suggested that I change my last name to Dax, instead of going back to my original. *ponders*

In the last two weeks, I have biked 54.10 miles. I have gone grocery shopping twice. The first time was for the barbecue, and I hauled a bag of charcoal in my left pannier, groceries in the right, and an extra bag on my right arm. Stopping was educational.

The summer class is going well, minus some annoying group project stuff I will never do again. I think I'm pretty good at this technical writing thing.

Sonic's chicken strips aren't that good, definitely not worth over a dollar per strip.

I shouldn't drink cherry limeade before bed. I am tired, but wide awake.

Eh. That is all.


  1. http://www.clickertraining.com/allanimals

    I'm sure you checked this one out. I ordered clicker training for my beagle when I had one and didn't have any issues.


  2. Thanks. I never thought of just going straight to the source. I figured they only sold to distributors.

  3. I know this is a little late but you can get the clicker training for birds at www.superparrots.com