Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't mind the twitching...

I'm still here, just hanging out. Mostly, there's been much eating, and much chatting with family. The stories usually begin with: "Man, this one time, and I was fucked up, we...."

I had fun baking cakes with Becky's mom for her birthday.

I watched an old downtown St. Joe building blaze, and a train carrying radioactive material derailed a few blocks from Becky's house in Atchison.

Mom had an absolute blast at the Fire Museum the other day. We just happened to show up at the end of a retirement party for the Fire Chief, so we got to meet a couple old guys who worked with her stepdad way back when he worked with the Snorkel.

I've spent alot of time at the park while everyone I know is at work (losers). Yesterday at sunset, I was taking pictures of trees (who's the loser now?), when I noticed a branch full of berries that looked very familiar. We had a mulberry tree at the end of our driveway when we lived in Troy, and I loved staining my fingers with sweet ripe berries. I ate a handful off the tree at the park, and they were perfect. Of course, you never know what pesticides they used, so don't mind me if I start twitching or something...It was totally worth it.

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