Sunday, July 27, 2008

X-Files *spoilers*

Mulder and Scully together without angst. Thank you.

Have they been living together for awhile, or just since she went out to find him? If the former, then why is she ribbing him for being so trusting and not noticing she's in the house, and only just now complaining about the scratchy beard? If it is the latter, then its awful odd how she's referring to them having a home together. Why do two people who love each other and sleep together still call each other by their last names when they no longer have a professional relationship? We are fans of X-Files, we would know who Dana and Fox are.

When Mulder is trying to make a call, we see a closeup of his screen as he selects Gillian. Accidental or intentional?

Hey, remember that show, X-Files, where all that supernatural and extraterrestrial stuff is investigated? Well this isn't that. We get one guy who "has visions." We, the audience, don't get to peek into those visions, and they are completely unreliable and mostly useless. Instead, this is a movie about trying to touch on as many "current events" topics as possible: Stem cells, gay marriage, and pedophile priests.

But then they didn't really talk about any of the issues, except the safe one that few will disagree with: pedophile priests are evil nasty people. Then they go to the old standby "evil medical scientists with accents do horrible experiments." They even tried, I think, to imply "horrific" sex-change operations, since the gay-married head transplant guy was only being attached to women's bodies. Of course, that might be because movies don't get made about missing, abducted men, that would be dumb because those men would obviously be able to take care of themselves and get away, duh.

On top of all that, the movie was dull, slow, lacking energy. The same conversations were re-hashed at least three times per character...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... all of these plots would have been 10x better.

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