Saturday, March 18, 2006

The living plastic and the moving models was a distinct taste of strange British comedy. I liked the show anyway, and I really liked the second one. It has more an air of seriousness than I expected, I could totally follow the emotional depth of the characters and their love for science and understanding of the reality of the universe and I could go on and on but I wont. Suffice to say I can relate to Rose and the Dr alot, and they have real chemistry.

I like that its not a Rosy-eyed, everything is fine in the end, kind of show. The Tree sacrificed herself for the ship and burnt to death, and it wasn't at a convenient time just as he got to the switch, it was before and it made the Doctor dig deep into himself to finish the job. The 'last living human' was a fake and a bitch, and in the end she shriveled up and died. The Dr. didn't show any mercy or regret for that.

The FX were a little off at times and really sharp at other times. For example the vat of hot plastic thing was totally off, but the little robotic spiders were dead on and really cool. It is just the first two episodes, so like other shows I think the FX will get better as we go along. I mean, go look at the first season of SG1 and compare it to season 2 or 3, big difference!

Sorry for the repost, I like to keep this kind of thing.

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