Monday, March 13, 2006

As Slippery as My Mind is

Dammit, I typed an email and decided to paste it into my blog instead. Then when I get here IT WONT PASTE!!! Dammit. Now I've got to do it from memory. Someone find me some extra memory dammit!

Ahem. I spent the day watching reruns of Old BSG, because I had this wonderful day off. Did you know they used Frak in the original? I could've sworn it was invented for the new show. But otherwise the oldie is just a steaming pile of dren.

I've been invited to gmail 3 times now, and I havn't yet because do you have any idea how many email accounts and admin passwords and pin numbers and usernames and stuff I have to remember??!! I would have to tell all my contacts my new account, and try to bring over my contacts list and save my important emails and figure out which ones are important and what if OMG my bank account and my utilities are all tied to my yahoo. There's no way.

But then...I was thinking. Outch. Er.
I think google and myspace could totally kick ass with a deal to access your gmail via myspace. Then there would be me on the outside going..but but...I coulda been cool tooo!!! WTF people?! So maybe I will, but I'll only make it available to my pals on myspace. But can I change the email account my myspace is tied to? Grrr...

There was alot more, and I assure you all it was quite fascinating.
In my head.

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