Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm Human After All

The four of us ladies in the office went to the mall today after work. I had such a blast! I spent most of my $200. I actually bought 6 shirts, and they are so cute. One at Lane Bryant (thanks manders!) and the others at another very awesome store. I'm wearing one shirt now, a button up red with white pinstripes (I think that's what they're called), fitted very nicely and doesn't make my big belly obvious. Also bought a pair of shoes at Payless and a perfume at Victoria's Secret. It smells ssoooo yummy and fruity without killing my nasal passages. Oh yeah, I also bought the Serenity soundtrack. Ohh ohh must insert cd into computer...brb...k. Ahhhh.....

Did you hear me!? I had a blast, buying clothes, spending money. I can't stand perfumes, and I bought a perfume. Holy shit I am a real person after all. And the mall is sickeningly close to my apartment. It's all over now.

Oh, and my laptop is breaking, the cracks on the hinges are enormous. I may have to spend my bonus pay early. So if you don't hear from me all the sudden, or Michael if the bank account suddenly loses $ know what's going on.

And 12 hour shifts are over for now, thank goodness. AND I have tomorrow and Monday off, since I had to work this morning. I picture laziness in my future.

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