Thursday, March 30, 2006

Once Again, Fat and Happy

MMMMm coookies.

So, one of the people I work with is having her birthday tomorrow and I decided to bake the cookies she's been asking for. I made classic peanut butter criss-crosses. Except, and you may know this about me already, I did not exactly follow the recipe. I've developed an obsession lately for cooking with honey instead of granulated sugar. It's kinda working out. I have to add more flour because the honey makes the batter a bit too runny, but after that they turned out great.

I work with this other girl who hasn't ever baked cookies before, so she came over to help out and hang out. And she also brought her little chihuahua dog. Very cute, for a dog anyway. ;)

My roomate won't stop talking to me...I don't care...please stop...

I'm drinking coffee before bed, I'm never going to sleep tonight.

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