Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another Workout Video I Hate

This is me feeling sorry for myself, and slightly pissed at myself, and generally worthless.

Ugh, workout videos.

I watched this one before trying it, and it seemed soooo easy. I have no coordination. I quit at the nine-minute mark in the video, but I think I got the full 15 minute workout. I replayed the warm up twice, the second section once, and then I started all over again because I was still tripping over myself. I finally gave up when I could barely restrain myself from screaming at the top of my lungs. It seemed so much easier than the other one yesterday, but its not. Maybe it was that since I had watched this one and knew what was coming up, I felt like I should at least be able to do it without falling over.

This is why I don't play sports. I am uncoordinated, and I hate feeling like a piece of turd even in the privacy of my own room. I recall throwing a hockey stick across the gym in the 4th grade. Klutzes with low self-esteem should not be made to play sports. Ever. If you want your face to still look like that afterwards.
Ugh, sports people.

I'm going to sit my fat self on the couch and eat a piece of cheesecake.
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