Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bill Nye the Science Guuuyyyy...!

Bill Nye is on MSNBC talking about the massive amounts of lake effect snow piling on right now. This guy is awesome. "It's not confirmed, but it may be caused by the death of Anna Nicole Smith..." He then went on to talk about global warming.

Bill Nye + Beakmans World = Why I've always been such a total geek.

Because you know you want to click it.

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  1. Ya know Bill Nye did his undergrad studys under Carl Sagan? But ya I must admit that I spent many a hour watching Bill Nye, Beakmans World and the classic Mr Wizard. Now... I just watch mythbusters, but thats becuse I have a thing for Kari.

    Posted by Eight Cylinder Super Hero on February 10, 2007 - Saturday at 1:13 PM