Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Mom called this morning to tell me about the fire and that everyone is okay. It was early the morning of Valentine's Day and they barely made it out. Family, friends, teachers and strangers are helping them with pretty much everything they need. The insurance will pay to rebuild the house. Sadly, they lost all their pets, and on top of that their horse had to be put down recently.

They're all pretty upset, but getting through it with my family's usual odd humor. May as well laugh to keep from crying.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern. There are some really great people in the world, and I'm glad to know every one of you.


  1. St. Joe's had several fires in the news lately. I had no idea one of them was your family. Glad they made it out ok. That's awful about the pets though

    Posted by Amanda on February 17, 2007 - Saturday at 1:20 PM

  2. They're actually living out in the boonies of Andrew County somewhere.

    Mom was pretty upset about the animals though. They had quite a menagerie: Horse, Dog, Cat, Squirrel, and an Alligator! How they got that last one, I don't want to know.

    Posted by MaterRelic on February 17, 2007 - Saturday at 6:37 PM

  3. they probably found it walking around one day and thought they should bring it home because it was sooo cute..... you know how rednecks in missouri can be.. hehe just kidding i really don't know how they got an alligator

    Posted by Jenifer on February 18, 2007 - Sunday at 10:54 PM