Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sniffles, and Ranting

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I have the sneezy beginnings of a sinus infection or something, which I get occasionally. I've never had it looked at by a doctor, and it usually comes and goes over the course of one miserable month. First its sneezing, then sniffles. It becomes sinus congestion, which moves into my ear and throat. Next is coughing and chest congestion, pressure headaches. Then it moves into the dry sinus phase, where breathing through my nose is like snorting sand, in conjunction with raw throat phase, where breathing through my mouth is like swallowing needles. Every morning I wake up feeling like my irritated swollen sinuses have descended partway into my throat.

All I want to drink is hot tea and hot apple juice. It got so bad once that all food tasted like spoiled rotting meat for 2 weeks. I don't eat. I feel feverish and sleepy even though the thermometer says I have no fever. I feel better one day, and worse again for a week. Back and forth, for a month. OTC medicines never do more than help me get through an hour of class without interrupting with the coughing and nose-blowing. In short, please just let me curl up and die.

I'm kinda not in the mood to go through all that again. I would like some medicine that works. Is it maybe a bacterial infection, so can i have some antibiotics? Please for the love of Bob say yes.

I called the appointment line, and they gave me a time, and I arrived at that time. The reception kid then tells me my appointment was cancelled, and the note says it was cancelled by me. Me, the patient, who has been in briefings all morning, who has not picked up the phone all morning, cancelled my appointment. Yeah. After 15 minutes of discussion, it comes out that they cancelled it for me (gee thanks), because all sick call appointments are now Referred.

Fun Fact: The Clinic here no longer takes Sick Call appointments.

Okay, um, how do I get a referral? Don't I have to be seen here first?

Oh. Um. Not sure how that works, isn't it automatic?

In what universe is a Referral going to be AUTOMATIC???!?!?!?

Okay, I'm not sure, let me call Soandso.
Okay, they're going to call you back this afternoon and tell you what to do.

So I called at 4:15, after my final briefing. The clinic closes at 4???!!! Can I leave a message with the After-hours care call person, for Soandso to call me back like they were supposed to? No, no that's not possible, you have to call back at exactly 7am tomorrow TO MAKE A SICK CALL APPOINTMENT. You don't have a life, right? You aren't sick or anything, right? Not Important.

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