Wednesday, May 9, 2007


When I put up the new site, I also started using Google Analytics. Hey, if I am going to talk to myself, I would at least like to be aware of the fact nobody is listening. It was making me sad though, that nobody even checked me out, followed the links I put for you. Ungrateful little bastiges. And I cried a little e-tear, until I realized I've seen Hubby check it at least twice in the last few days, and I've checked it too obviously there's no filter set at all so I should have seen about 4 hits a day. But no. So I checked out with GA, and it says it's getting data, bla bla bla [this long post is me avoiding studying, can't you tell?] bla... but I decided not to believe it and checked the code on blogger, and there's nothing, so I put it back. Wonder how that happened?

Anywhoo...its getting awful lonely without you folks talking to me, and I need your e-love to get me through the day...*shiny puppy-eyes*

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