Saturday, May 12, 2007

Evil Gymnastics Girls

They were selling baked goods outside the Hastings, and I spotted chocolate brownies. Contemplating the brownies, I spotted an identical container with chocolate frosting. Gymnastics Mommie said it was chocolate cake. I gave them all the cash in my pocket for a small chocolate cake. I carried it around the Hastings for 20 minutes while Michael tried to pick out a movie I didn't want to see. The anticipation was killing me.

Finally! Finally I get home and grab a plastic fork and opened my much-coveted chocolate cake. I dug the plastic fork through the chocolaty frosting and into the cake. The non-chocolate cake.

Evil Gymnastics Girls and their Lying Mommies, may they never eat chocolate again.


  1. so if it wasn't chocolate cake, then what was it? and i take offense to the gymnastics mommy curse!!! i am officially a gymnastics mommy now and i love my chocolate!!!

  2. I see what's going on here! You evil gym mommies love the chocolate so much, you trick the rest of us into eating yellow cake while you guys hoarde the good stuff for yourselves.