Thursday, May 10, 2007


I feel like I turned my head to the side and let my brains flow out onto the paper.

I'll be leaving for Traci's on Monday and Michael's leaving for TN on Sunday. We dropped off my car at Tom's Tire World for a checkup. I have no desire at all to be stranded on the side of the road with two small-uns. Hopefully the weather will be calm on the way up.

To Do Before Departing:
Print directions, clean out car.
Order books for the summer term and have them delivered by mail.
Buy new notebooks, pencils, etc.
Tell the office we'll both be gone for 2 weeks, possibly pay June's rent early.
Make sure the Cable bill is paid. It's the only one that isn't automatic. Or is it?
Clean the house. I won't have time when I get back.
Pack as little as possible, due to pending shopping spree!

To Do While Home:
New Hairdoooo!
Wardrobe Therapy
Party, have fun, etc. with family and friends
See Shrek3, Pirates3, 28 Weeks Later (maybe)

To Do back in Texass:
I actually had something to put here, but now I've forgotten...

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