Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Punishments and Rewards

We got our tests back today. I got a 93%! So I might not be a complete failure after all. So I rewarded myself with a piece of blueberry pie after my ham sandwich for lunch. I say 'reward' despite the fact that I had a piece of the same blueberry pie last night after dinner, with a fair dollop of frozen yogurt on the side.

You will not deny me PIE.

As punishment for this reward, my heartburn has returned with full force. It wasn't helped by the Pilates session I just returned from, or the heartburn meds I took beforehand. Who would've thought that laying balanced on your stomach would force tummy acids up your esophagus. I'm so sore and miserable right now, that I don't give half a damn if I spelled espohogus correctly, or even stomach.

So there.

It stormed and rained here the last couple of days, so today has been unusually muggy for West Texass. 62% Humidity. More of the same all this week. Yaayyyy...eh.

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