Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hurts to Type

I have somehow damaged my knuckle. The one for my pointer finger on my right hand. I cannot grasp anything, and it hurts to type. It also hurts if I forget and let it fall into whatever position to rest. I had a baggie of frozen cranberries on it to reduce the swelling, plus some OTC pain pills. I found earlier today that I can do things like pour from a pitcher of tea, as long as I lift the pointer finger and don't use it at all. Last night I thought it was something in the joint between fingers, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The pain is probably from a combination of factors. I had a hard time supporting myself in a yoga pose on Thursday. I created a new blog and copied 75 posts on...Friday? Also, I have a bad habit of sleeping on my side with my hand under my head.

Oh, last night while Michael was playing a movie, I finished reading a Dr. Who book. It was very good. Unfortunately I ended up awake until 2:00am, and didn't wake until about 1:00pm. Not a productive weekend at all. I feel like crud.

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