Monday, May 28, 2007

Now I owe Manders $100

Manders: btw, I LOVE Enterprise
Manders: just watched 3 eps
Relic: lol!
Relic: i watched the last 2, just now
Relic: michael HATES the intro
Manders: I was so irritated they left off there
Manders: humph
Manders: the music is kinda hokey, reminds me of Firefly just a little
Relic: and i keep missing episodes so i have no idea what ever happened with the Xindi
Manders: Well I'm totally lost
Manders: lol
Relic: its a good song, and a good intro, if it wasn't for trek, it just doesnt fit
Manders: were those the engineered humans?
Relic: and the trek seasons are like $90 each
Manders: Yet another reason for me to join the masses of Netflixers
Relic: Xindi? no, its a race that had like 5 different varieties
Manders: ah
Relic: not even sure if im spelling it right
Manders: well I about freaked when I saw the guy that played Data on Enterprise
Relic: wait, what?
Manders: he basically played his creators predecessor
Relic: when was this?!
Manders: He was some Dr. who had engineered some people, those people went bad...
Manders: something about advanced ability leading to advanced ambition
Relic: in the episode i didnt watch tonight?
Manders: anyway at the end he's in a cell and starts talking about cybernetic lifeforms and how it may be worked out in a few generations from his
Manders: it was the first one I caught tonight
Relic: yeah
Manders: I watched something on the history channel last night about Trek
Manders: I can't believe NGen is 20 yrs old
Manders: wow
Relic: lol
Relic: yeah, that makes us feel old
Manders: they had a really cool special on about Star Wars tonight, explaining all the archetypes etc.
Manders: I felt all happy fangirl nerdy
Relic: michael was watching that when i woke up from my nap
Relic: michael just told me there is a "mod" for WoW that makes the player spout Firefly lines
Relic: he was excited
Manders: I love that nerds are so incestuous in their worship of all things SciFi
Manders: lol
Relic: i'm keeping that line.
Manders: *rakes in royalties*

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