Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In College News:

Tuesday: Calculus 2
B, despite the fact that I hacked and coughed through the entire final.

Wednesday: Physics 1
I did NOT study enough for this test, and lay awake last night wondering if they would let my lab grade stand if I had to take the lecture again next semester. No kidding. I was seriously stressed about this test and it didn't help that it started an hour earlier than normal class. Stoopid Finals Schedule :P Anyway, I feel like I did as well as the previous tests, which averaged 68% (yeah, I'm a total genius). So passing is an actual possibility.

Thursday: British Literature
I can't find my notes on Oroonoko, GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! I had such good notes! Now I have to "review" from memory, and that annoys me. So yeah, I just started reviewing the material. The stress is over, really, since I didn't study much for the midterm and did fine. Plus, I have something like a 95% in this class. I am so incredibly tempted to become an English major...but for the 9 hours of foreign language...and all those departmental exams the English majors have been whining about...and I don't want to teach...I think they frown on the excessive use of ellipses anyway...

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