Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shopping Spree!

So after class on Friday, I decided to run to the pet store for A toy for the bird. I arrived at the checkout with a ladder, two hanging toys, and a new perch. Then the checker pointed out the cart of discount toys at like $1.75 each, and I donated $2 to needy pets... So I left the store $40 poorer, but my Rigel is a happy birdie for sure.

Then I ran to Ross for a toothbrush holder, but ended up buying a bunch of stuff for a coffee-themed gift basket that will be sold at auction for the 17CS Holiday Party. I got the toothbrush holder I was looking for at Target, which annoys me. I couldn't find a cheap soap pump last time I was at Target, they ran for like $7-9, so I bought the pumps at Ross for $5 each and called it a deal. Then yesterday I found what I had been looking for under $2 each. Ah well.

I'm going to make some coffee.

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