Friday, December 28, 2007

Vacation News

Sorry for not keeping you up to date on my lively vacation.

We left Killeen at about 2pm on Thursday, and arrived in St. Joe at about 2am. Good times. The weather and traffic were good until we hit soupy fog leaving Atchison.

I got Amanda hooked on Battlestar (Victory is Mine!). Also, mixing spiced rum with mango wine coolers does not result in a "Bahama Mama" experience. Mostly just getting sick. Sorry 'bout that.

We had turkey and sage stuffing and pumpkin pie at Mom's a few days before xmas. That was the good part. Um. Yeah. Gotta love family. Mostly.

The weather has been crap. So, I've spent most of my vacation watching movies, eating stew and potato soup (mmmm) and drinking a bit. We glutted on dark chocolate brownies and Irish Coffee last night.

Here are the movies so far, all of which are good, most of which I've seen before.

BSG Miniseries (plus episodes 1-3, but I was to woozey to watch the screen for 4-8)
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Bourne Ultimatum (at Mom's)
28 Days (check out my huge package!) (I am never going to get laid)
28 Days Later
Waitress (I'd like a Nathan Fillian pie, please)
X-Men 1 (one word...Wolverine)
X-Men 3 (say it again)
Batman Beyond (the guy who plays Scarecrow was in 28 Days Later)
Children of Men
Blood Diamond
I think there was more, but my memory is a bit foggy...
Tentative plans are for bowling tonight, if the weather holds and any of my friends have checked their facebook email....Rebecca.... We're leaving MO on sunday around noon, forecast says no snow. Figures.

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