Saturday, December 1, 2007

Home on the Range

I'll be home this winter break, yay! I have a full month break, but since I'll be riding up with Traci, we will only be home for about 10 days. We'll be leaving Texas around the 20th or so and leaving Missouri around the 30th. I'm kind of worried about traveling home during the winter because I remember the ice storm that almost trapped us last time. The news says an ice storm is close to the area right now already.

So its really windy here today, but warm at 71 degrees. I'm tempted to open the windows, but not quite. Maybe in the afternoon. **Note to San Angelo, lets not test the sirens on a windy day just because its the 1st.**

For homework this weekend I need to:
Physics: finish up the homework due Monday, the lab report due Wednesday, and start reviewing for The Final (dun-dun-dunnn!)
English: Watch Lord of the Rings to come up with a thesis to compare it to The Hobbit, and go to the group meeting on Sunday night. Presentation on Thursday.
Calculus: Small homework due Tuesday, plus I really really need to review some old stuff and start reviewing for The Final (dduudduuuunnnnn)

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