Sunday, December 9, 2007


The sick has certainly taken hold. My left sinuses were full all night, and 10 minutes after clearing them with a bulb syringe and saline they were full again. I just took half a dose of Sudafed, because a full dose will dry things up too much. If that happens, then its back to "sandpaper inside my skull" feeling. You might not be aware of how unpleasant that feels. I used to run in 30-40 degree weather while I was sick like that, and I certainly recommend it as a torture method...thanks AF!

Looking for the bright side, the silver lining? Well right now I'm a "sinuses half full" kind of person. So sue me.

Actually, I don't seem to be running a fever, which is good. Except I never "run a fever" when I'm sick like this. I have a sneaking suspicion that my normal body temp is lower than average, so that when I'm sick it doesn't show up on the thermometer as "too high." Of course I forget this until I'm sick again, so I've never taken my temperature while well.

Another bright side: I finally found a real bulb syringe last night. Real as in not the kind they use for babies now, and it doesn't have a leak in it either. Yay! I've been to CVS, WM, Target, and Walgreen's in the past. I went back to WM, then Target, last night and got nothing. On the way to CVS, I passed a Walgreen's and decided to try my luck there. I couldn't find it, but asked an employee who found it in the Ear Care section. Thank You Walgreens, you have saved my sanity!

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