Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sick of Sick

I can't stop sneezing, which automatically causes your sinuses to produce more mucus. I've about had it with the cycle of sinus troubles I've been going through for about...forever. I should have done some homework/reading on Thursday afternoon but I just couldn't bring myself to move or focus. I eventually took a very long, very hot bath, wrapped myself in my new terrycloth robe, and fell asleep. I feel feverish and achy even though I'm not running a high temperature. Why is that? I still didn't feel well Friday, even though I was up until 4am reading at bitingbeaver. We went to see a movie when I woke up at noon today. Then we went grocery shopping. Remind me again that I do not go to the grocery store with my husband. Infuriating.

Because these are 5-week summer terms, I'm now severely behind in my notes and reading, and a little behind in my problems. The problems aren't turned in, they're just for practice, and they tests in both my classes are being pushed back a day or two, so that's good for me. I sat around until 6-ish when I had some chicken and rice soup which suddenly made me feel much better. Go figure, right? That, plus some hot tea, really gave me a burst of motivation. I finished my Chemistry problems from Chapter 1, read and took notes on about half of Chapter 2. Government is on the back burner until I can get past Chapter 3 in Chemistry, plus memorize the Periodic Table and some other tables from the text.

In the middle of making another mug of tea, I decided to clean my kitchen and clear the refrigerator of old and/or moldy items. Dear Husband, I left the eggs in the refrigerator but they are old, please put them in the trash when you change bags. Uncluttered the dining table (which still has no chairs), put away the domino set (which opened up in the trunk on the way from MO), and then ever-so-gingerly moved the bibles (no kidding) into a bag and beside the door.

Why do I always try to put a d in the word refrigerator? Probably the same reason things are always so awsome to me.

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  1. i'm sorry you are sick!!! at least you got a little burst of energy.:) the d is no different than an r in wash lolsounds right sometimes we are totaly going to the restaurant for my bday and i'm going to drink cold bamboo sake in your honor since you can't come.. :( hope you feel better soon!!! luv ya!