Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ohhh! He say a bad woooorrrddd!!!!!!!!

I came across this in my internet wanderings today, and I thought I would share. Apparently this guy regularly does a very racey one-man theater performance. Patrons are warned. Then a high school group stands up and walks out in protest, but not before one of the adults in the group walks up and pours water onto the performer's notes. Reading this, and the follow-up entry, and watching the video of the incident, all makes me want to see the show. I'm checking the site to see if they have the whole show available to watch online.

Apparently they were offended by his comparison of visiting New York City with having intimate relations with Paris Hilton.

Also, he said Fuck. Teehehe. Naughty word...

**I found this on YouTube

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