Monday, July 16, 2007

Crazy Critter

Rigel spends most of his cage time running up and down the bars, then back and forth. Its also really funny he climbs up and then with one foot clinging to the cage he turns his back and slides down. I hope this means he's having a great time, but I'm a little afraid it means he's bored. I've given him foot toys and things to chew on but he is decidedly uninterested in these. He loves his mirror and sometimes plays with the little stars-and-spheres toy hung from the top.

He loves to chew but not on the things I give him, just on the edges of my shirt or on newspaper I lay down under his tabletop perch. I was giving him twisted newspaper in his cage to shred, but then someone said okay unless they eat it, and if he chews it then he's eating it so that makes no sense.

Then tonight, I was getting something out of his cage after his bedtime, and I found that he is sleeping in the metal basket where his food bowl goes during the day. Before I decided to cover him at nights, he would sleep on the bottom or high in the back of the cage. So I guess I'm going to get him a Happy Hut or something more cozy to sleep in. I'm just afraid he'll chew the heck out of it and eat the stuffing during the night.

I posted this on a couple groups and got reassurance that he sounds just like their happy Green-Cheeks. I also got a couple of good links for fun toys and a picture of one woman's GCC sleeping with his head in a bucket. Too Cute.

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