Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Reason To Not Study

Please welcome Rigel, a green-cheeked conure. If I had thought to charge my camera sometime since my vacation in May, you could see a picture of him. As it is, here is a picture that closely resembles him.

I say "he" and "him" even though we have no easy way to tell gender, and because it looked more he than she. We went through feminine names first though, because that's what I would prefer to think. We went through Firefly, Stargate, Battlestar, even Farscape names. Somehow Rygel actually stood out as a good fit. Michael disagrees, because the bird is clearly not a Hynerian Dominar.

I kept thinking, and decided to go with a star or constellation name, and Rigel still stood out as a good fit. So there you go.

He is very calm, although he has already bitten me a few times, just out of curiosity I think. He was eating out of my hand also, so I got nibbled then. He calmly stayed in the cage while for awhile, then ventured out and made his way to me. He tried to climb my shirt and accidentally hooked one of his nails into my skin on my chest, which hurt a great deal also. He tried to climb my shirt on the side and it tickled. I've been pooped on already. I also have little pin marks in my had where he was perched. The nails will be clipped as soon as I make an appointment at the vet. I found out that there is a bird vet in town, yay! I wasn't looking forward to driving to Abilene an hour away.

Its been an eventful first hour at home.

He is currently exploring his cage, nibbling at the wall behind the cage. Michael says he's trying to dig out, Shawshank style. I'm going to move him now...

Okay, well I neglected to get a few things at the pet store, it was kinda hectic since I thought someone else was going to get to the manager first and steal my baby away.

smaller perches
small cement perch for nails
smaller toy (with mirror?)
bowl for bathing

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  1. we used to have a quaker parrot and i miss her. she used to sit on my shoulder and squawk in my ear, i was the only one she didn't poop on unless someone spooked her. she used to make dad mad cuz she would mock mom and he would think it was really her. good polly. lol.