Thursday, July 12, 2007

What a Rotten Day, Listed

- Last night I was up until after midnight trying to figure out my homework. I should have started before 9pm, because I was so confused about a pretty simple concept.
1. I spilled half a cup of coffee on myself, and the couch.
2. So I had to change into the "petite" size pants, which are too short and I look goofy in anything but sandals. This being a lab day, I had to wear solid shoes.
3. I couldn't find a spot to park in B section (commuting students) so I had to park in A (faculty).
4. So then I walk out of class to find a parking ticket, of course.
5. Lab. About the 3rd time repeating the same 2 steps (if x, then repeat) my brain aspoloded. It took 3 hours to repeat 4 times, and I still had to cork it for the weekend.
6. Review for class until 5pm. My feet hurt, and my brain is overloaded, and I still have to study. Maybe I should just type up my notes and a formula sheet. Yup, that'll be it because sleep is definitely the priority tonight.

Bright notes:
I made a nummy Mango-Banana smoothie for lunch.
Rigel is learning very quickly to move from perch to finger to perch on command. Just two ten-minute sessions of Up, Good Boy! Up, Good Boy! Up, Good Boy! and he now does it about half the time. He really likes those cherries and dried pineapple.

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