Monday, July 2, 2007

i just don't think that's right...

I was just now reviewing my lab quizzes for the final tomorrow. Labs were Co-taught/graded by our lecture professor, and another professor. This other guy is so nit-picky about things, he grades very harshly. Whatever, we got used to it. Then I just noticed that he went through and dotted my i's on one of my quizzes. It is a basic training control-thing, where they made us write without "punctuation" to include dotting the letters i and j. Stupid, yes. However I still do it out of habit, an odd little habit I retain from that time. It makes taking notes in class a little quicker.

Anyway, it just threw me that he'd be so picky as to dot my i's on a chemistry quiz. He didn't count off points though. I guess it could be worse...

In other news:
Its storming a bit here. Just started raining.
There is a bee/wasp/hornet thing in the house. (from before I opened the windows, tyvm)
My library books are now 1 month overdue. This is why I don't go to the library unless I can walk there from my house. Oh the good ol' days...
The kitchen is a mess.
We're out of anything to drink and I don't feel like cleaning something to make tea.
I'm going to keep adding things to this list until I remember the actual thing I was going to put here.
That helped.
The new Firefox is pretty nice, IMHO. Less-bubbly icons, X's on the individual tabs, spell-check as I type anywhere. I also appreciate the little things that set it apart, like not messing up my Home and making it yahoo and adding the yahoo search bar every time it updates. Frakkin IE.!

Thanks to pizza, the heartburn is coming back again. Blah.

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