Friday, July 27, 2007


I haven't bored you to death with my grades at all this term, have I? Well we can't have that.

Government 2302
Exam 1 84%
Exam 2 88%
This is a bit dissapointing, because I had an A in 2301 with only a little reading. Of course I did the reading during class while Worthless Professor droned on about pie charts. Bleh. So maybe I should open the book.

Chemistry 1412/Lab
Exam 1 89% (79% + 10 pt makeup)
Exam 2 100% (98% + 2 pt makeup)
Exam 3 90%
We just took #3 today, which seemed as easy as #2. She already posted the grade. Of course I can get the 10 point makeup by re-working the problems I missed. With homework (but not Labs) factored in, I have a 95% overall. Wow. I got a B in 1411, so I'm glad for the improvement.

Oh Looky! Since several people are already done with Labs, its showing the class average as 90%. Thats a good sign. I'm almost done with the lab. Hopefully I can finish the Salt analysis early on Tuesday and that will be it. I love that its At Your Own Pace, so my afternoons will be free again until Fall.

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