Friday, August 3, 2007

Bad Day

Its getting a bit warm, so I guess its time to close the windows and run the AC. :(

On top of yesterday's unpleasantness, today hasn't been great either. I completely blanked out on my Chemistry test, and I'm just crossing my fingers that my guesses keep me above failing. I stayed up so late studying last night that I didn't finish the homework due today, but I meant to finish it after Government. Instead, I forgot and drove home to work out, have lunch, play with the bird, run the dishwasher all before I realized. Its not quite too late now, but I'm done for the week. Oh, upside: 96% on yesterday's Government test, which brings me up to an A.

The crickets have invaded the school. I blame the extra rain, but I'm not ruling out that the biology department lost control of an experiment. I mean a couple weeks ago, it was "Oh, man, there's quite a few crickets running around the halls" and last week it was "Oh man, thats a huge cricket and would people please stop squishing them?" *Blech* Now you can walk up to the building to a racket that sounds like midnight in a swamp, the outside walls are covered in crickets, outside trashcans are overflowing, and you have to actively plan your route down the hallways to not step on the ones people have stomped. I'm sorry, but the only thing nastier than a live bug is a squished bug. PLEASE STOP SQUISHING THE CRICKETS AND HIRE AN EXTERMINATOR OR SOMETHING!

That's it, I need some Sake.

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