Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Does this count as studying for Finals?

I was over at Shakespear's Sister joining a bit of Utopian Discussion. Here's my contribution:

Make the House of Representatives like Jury Duty. Each person is registered by their profession and chosen randomly at a national level and serves 6 year terms. They make the laws. People with Law Degrees would not be voting members of the House, because their jobs would be to draft appropriate language for new legislation. I see writing it and then voting on it as 2 votes.

The new President will be a popularly elected Ambassador. Responsible for negotiating treaties and acting as ceremonial leader of the nation. No executive, legislative or military powers. All treaties or executive agreements would have to be approved by vote of the Senate.

Give all those powers to the new Senate. No law is proposed in the senate, they merely have the president's veto and executive powers. Elected for 8 years, single-terms. Leadership of the Senate would be only for those who are 2 years or more out of their term. The 2 years act as a preventative to campaigning while still serving. They would then serve a single 4 year term.

Emergency military actions (in case of imminent attack) would be in the hands of a 3 person group within the senate, which the Senate Leader would not be part of. After the emergency passes, further authorization would require a joint vote of the entire Senate and House.

All of the above officials are paid the average of what all the serving members of the House would have made in their regular jobs that year.

Gravatar I forgot the Judicial Branch. In order for them to accept this new constitution, lets not change them except to apply the same pay rules and they would be nominated differently. (not sure how)

I agree with several things others pointed out. There is no need for the Electoral College anymore, so lets get rid of it. Limit how many months a person can campaign prior to the election.

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