Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy Morning

Whew. I just sat down after a whirlwind few hours. I woke up a little before 8am to feed little Rigel and wait to be able to call the Vet. Meanwhile I called Mom to get a bit of info and say hi. I finished up with what she needed and then looked up some tomato canning recipes for her. HINT: I would like some Tomato Marmalade for my troubles! :) I got an appointment with the vet for 4pm today.

I made a couple of false starts on cleaning the house before I decided to eat breakfast and shower first. Now the living and dining rooms are rearranged and the birdcage is in the dining room. Its really still the same room, with this open floorplan, and it gives him a bit more peace at night if we watch TV. A portable playstand will be a good idea to bring him in here while we're home and playing. He can still see out a window, and it won't be as hot to keep that window uncovered since it doesn't get direct sunlight. Its also more accessible for cleaning this way. With the birdcage out of the living room, we can go back to a configuration The Hubby is more comfortable with.

Now all I have to do is convince him to let me saw the dining table legs down so we can sit Japanese style. I have been completely unable to find extra-tall chairs that match the table for a good price. Sorry, I just won't buy chairs that cost more than the table itself. It's dumb.

I just realized I vacuumed the whole area before changing the cage lining. Doh!

Well that's enough for the morning. The afternoon will be given over to the new Tablet if it gets here, or sifting through the clutter in the office or bedroom. :(

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