Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Search Terms


I use Google Analytics and it shows a great deal of information, including what searches have led people here. There aren't many, but a recent one caught my eye.

smash mouse up so the blood goes around the computer

I shit you not.

Here are the rest:
prichuto ham pics
outlook quotes "until i type"
kvm mouse doesn't work unless you unplug and plug
dead mouse "computer"
computer wont notice mouse
"went to" palladium imax -showtimes
"sean maher" + plymouth
"mitchell's seafood"
"jane goodall"
its a bit nutty mp3
eureka series "fanfic" adult -anime "scifi"
relic health
"great machine" zathras
right sided low abdo twinge and irregular bleeding
tj chem exam
working late night survey
"ardency rue"

It doesn't tell me what page exactly that it hit on, but I suppose this mouse rant is my most popular.

I had no idea that Eureka already has "adult fanfic" and I just have to wonder how sad that person's life is. Yes I like Fanfic, but Eureka?

I hope whoever was looking for medical info found what she needed.

Oh yeah, Ardency Rue is the best.

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  1. haha thats awesome!!! i googled the mouse one and it was some blog about your mouse and stuff at work. funny.