Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sneezing and Scratching

I just posted on for help with Rigel. Keeping it here as an archive.

Yes, I will be taking him to the vet. Its Sunday, so I'll call for an appointment first thing in the morning.

Rigel has always had this little sneeze he does, and at first I thought it was his "I'm really annoyed, go away" sound, because they sound similar. He has also sneezed and had water shoot out, but that was right after a bath so I wasn't worried then either. I also have seen him scratching his beak, but he is having a new feather coming in on one side so I also wasn't worried.

Today I noticed that he is scratching his beak and his toenail gets stuck in his nare for a second. It doesn't seem to phase him, he doesn't squawk about it or anything. I tried to get video of him scratching, but he was so into the camera that it was impossible. Of course the moment I put away the camera he did it again, and shot something out his nose too. He did take a bath about an hour ago, and I didn't follow the path of the stuff so I don't know if it was just water. He's also been preening and maybe starting to molt? Eating/drinking/pooping/playing fine.


Now I'm worried I didn't put the pieces together. If anyone has seen this behavior before I would appreciate to know what your vet said/did about it, so I know what to expect mine to say. Thanks!

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