Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So I got my physics exam back yesterday, 42%. Outch.
The test was WAY TOO LONG, AGAIN so that everyone had at least two questions they didn't have time to start, I actually had 4 I couldn't start, but on two of them I wrote bullshit down anyway and I'm sure others were the same way. So she gave us 8 points (equivalent of 1 problem). Then I went over my test with her and we found 7 whole points that she graded me wrong on. Yay, 57%. Man this sucks.

We finished The Hobbit today. I'm annoyed with myself because I completely missed the quiz question, which is mostly because I only skimmed the reading on Saturday, because I was "studying calculus" all weekend. Yeah, that's it. Oh, and I also went to see Beowulf, which you will like best if you haven't read the poem recently.

Then I had a calculus exam this morning, which I did not study enough for (yes, despite having the whole weekend). I feel pretty good about it though, mostly because I HAD TIME TO FINISH THE WHOLE THING and go back to catch little errors. Holy Crap, the concept! There's only one that I'm flat out sure I did wrong, and I'm guessing that I managed an 80%.

And then I missed my appointment for a haircut, and I need one badly. Where do I go?? NO MORE MASTERCUTS!

Thanks to the nice lady at Hair Designers on Johnson St for staying at work a few minutes late and giving me a great haircut.

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