Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good Morning

I've added a new feature at the bottom of the page, because I think its a bit tacky to have ads as the first thing you see. Its supposed to be videos of Conures and parrots. There are manymanymany videos of conures on YouTube, but somehow it only finds 3 videos of parrots for the player. If I choose just conures, I get a dozen videos of someone named Chad Vader.  Advice is welcome.

Rather than email this to all of you, well hell thats what blogs are for, right?!

I thought you'd be interested in this story from Science@NASA: On Monday morning, Nov. 5th, space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to undock from the ISS while the pair are gliding over many US towns and cities. The two spaceships will cut across a glittering expanse of morning stars dotted by bright planets and a Venus-Moon conjunction. And don't forget the exploding comet! It all adds up to
"A Fantastic Monday Morning Sky Show ."

It was rather simple to get my password reset over the phone for my Alltel account. Unfortunately, the site keeps timing out, so poopy.

Someone please explain to me why it is under 70 degrees outside, and they are still running the AC inside, while all the wuss Texans are wearing heavy coats because ZOMG ITS UNDER 70!one!oneeleventyone!!! (other people say that's funny)
I'm going to go buy some eggs and attempt to win my hubby's heart through his stomach.

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