Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Draft

I'm working on a post about my insecurities and fears, but I got all un-motivated in the middle of it. I realize now that I have quite a few posts in draft...

I need to go put Rigel to bed. Enjoy this song.

When you're on top

by The Wallflowers.

I need a bed
That nobodys slept in
I need some air
Nobodys been breathing
I need a thought
That I can believe in
Is this fog
Or is the building really burning

I need you
Much more than ever
I'm making new friends
But none of them matter
Maybe now
We don't fit together
But you've got your arms around
No one but strangers

I feel fine
With the sun in my eyes
The wind in my hair
When I'm falling out of this sky
I'm doing better than I thought I would
But nothings ever as good
As when you're on top

I want to wake up
And just start running
Into a ditch
Or straight up a mountain
I want to get
Where no one been gettin'
Make it deeper than hell
Or make it higher than heaven

I need someone whose price hasn't been met
When everybody's disappearing
By the minute
There isn't anyone left
I haven't meet yet
Well I remember
When they hadn't gotten to you yet


Half way up
And over this rainbow
I heard a shot
Fire up from a ghetto
As I drop
I didn't think you'd follow
Just didn't know
The sky was this shallow

I need a garden
Where nothings forbidden
I need an apple
That no ones been eatin'
I want to start again
Back at the beginnin'
I had a vision
That this feeling maybe has an ending

Really, I need to sleep in my bed and I need an end to this gut-wrenching. Damn Damn Damn.

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