Tuesday, November 6, 2007

That's Better!

I thought that the 18 credits of math for a minor was in addition to the 12 hours of math I have to take for my major. I was terrified. I was running for the hills.

Turns out that they actually do apply. Plus the Pre-Cal classes I took last year apply to the minor as well! Woohoo! That means I have to take **ZERO** extra math courses! There's no way for me to NOT get a minor in Math.

I have lots and lots of transfer credits that all go toward electives, but I think there are still 7 that I can use for anything. I'm considering a dual minor Math+Geology. I would only have to go 3 credits over, and that can be done during the summer (like I said yesterday).

So yeah, I feel so much better now.

Unfortunately, I will definitely only be half-time in the Spring. 7 hours. I guess that means I can focus focus focus.


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