Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I paid my bill for the Spring term today and swung by the bookstore to get the lab manual. The only 'book' I have to buy for the term. Sold Out. Frick!

Here's an annoying notice i got today: i have to clean my bedroom closet and my washroom and move my dryer out from the wall so they can clean all the lint traps...and they'll come tomorrow to do it. Good thing I don't have a life.

I had a hankering for (Wait, hankering is a real word, like spell check is okay with that, but not with spellcheck? I never would have guessed.) ice cream tonight. Scratch that, I had a hankering (really? wow.) for raw oysters, but it passed so I went with ice cream instead. We ate last nights leftovers and went to the local coffee shop, which also has ice cream. I ordered the brownie fudge sundae, Hubby (spell check strikes again) got a banana split, and we both got a small coffee. After ordering, we realized that we should have just shared the banana split, because it was huge, even without the banana. Oh did I mention? They forgot the banana. On the banana split. Anyway, I decided to get a lid and save the rest of my sundae for later, and we split the split, once I got the banana. The guy offered to cut up the banana for me, but I thought it might be weird to carry a peeled and halved banana across the restaurant. So, at the table, I peeled it and sliced it with a spoon myself. It was totally not weird at all.

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