Sunday, January 13, 2008

Maybe Too Harsh?

Yeah, well I don't care.

I stopped in at this town's PetCo over a month ago to pick up my bird's favorite food. I went to PetSmart, which I've been in love with since they opened, but they don't carry my bird's food. After finding the food, I wandered around looking for toys but decided not to get any because several of the unpackaged toys, along with the shelf of medicines and vitamins next to it, were covered in wild bird poop. It was because the store uses signs directly above the section that end up being perfect perches for the wild birds that end up living in the store. I informed them as i checked out, assuming they just didn't notice that an entire row of toys was caked with poop. I went in again a week later with my husband and it was still there. I was mad then, but he held me back from saying anything.

I actually had forgotten all about it and I wanted to get Rigel some new foot toys and stuff this week. I walked around but the first thing I saw was those toys still covered in poop, so I decided to make a point. I wandered around picking up a dozen of the nicer toys that I have wanted to get him, but hadn't due to price. I then picked up the 3 toys that were so caked they stuck together and proceeded to the checkout. I told them I was going to buy all this stuff...but then I saw this, now count up how much money you just lost. Oh, and this isn't all of it, just the worst. You might want to take care of that. Then I walked out before they could say anything, because I'm not interested in their excuses or apologies, I just wanted them to fix the problem.

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