Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feedback Loop

When I'm trying to understand something, I need to take time to process it, or else I get really frustrated. This makes me feel stupid. It makes it harder for me to focus on understanding. Which makes me feel frustrated. Which makes it harder to focus. Which is frustrating. Which effects my ability to focus. I'm sure you understand that I get frustrated at that point.

*deep breath*

So I really appreciate your help, I really do. You're super nice and I hope we can be friends. The thing is, when you stand over me, waiting for me to finish the problem, to see if I understand it, I feel pressured, I feel dumb. You can imagine that can be frustrating. I can do this right the first or second time, but first I really just need some space, in my brain, to organize my thoughts. I know that you understand and you have a great ability to help. I appreciate your help, but at some point I just need 10 free minutes to figure it out on my own. Because when I have to have someone help me with something, it makes me feel stupid. You don't mean to make me feel stupid but I feel that way anyway.

And that's frustrating. I hope you understand.

(This is why I've always found group work to be difficult...)

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  1. Wow! I understand that to a point. I have a similar problem when I tackle a topic that is alien to me. The down side is that there is no fix. Other than time and space. Which are apparently lacking. If only one had complete control of the universe... I have been converted: This comment brought to you by the wonder of google reader.