Saturday, January 19, 2008


I bought a box of Green Tea with Jasmine today. I didn't think I've ever actually smelled Jasmine before, and you know how much I like trying new foods. So dinner tonight was lentil soup, warm French bread, and Green Tea with Jasmine. The soup: rustic and perfect for dipping the bread. The tea: not the best taste ever, but warm and with an intensely familiar floral scent. It took me a few sips to place it: the flowering bush outside my window last spring! A quick search revealed:

The name "Jasmine" basically refers to some of the many varieties of shrubs (above), vines (like sambac, pink and confederate) and small trees (like Lakeview). They are all blessed with fragrant white flowers many people and insects enjoy. True jasmines are related to the olive, privet and osmanthus.

Many plants called jasmine are not jasmine but closely resemble the classic flower appearance and fragrance. In the list at the bottom you will see some of the many plant types (Latin names) said to be a jasmine.

I would post pictures, but I'm all soothed and sleepy from dinner. Night-night.

PS: The search term "jasmine bush" will provide many floral pictures. Also, pictures of Jasmine's bush, which may or may not be the kind of thing you're looking for. In this case, Not, but to each their own.

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