Saturday, January 5, 2008

To Do + Ranting

-Get off my couch: Clean house, exercise, prep for the semester start...etc.

-Send in my absentee Voter Registration. I've already missed the 28 day window to register for the MO Primaries, but I can at least vote in November. If I get off my butt. (see above)

-Go Watch Juno (I already did this, this is a To Do for you)

-Pay my Spring bill. I don't have to buy books, because both my classes (Cal 3 and Phys 2) use the same books as last semester. Yay!

Okay, here's my little rant. I bought a car off the Kadena Lemon Lot in 2002 or so, and by "buy" I mean "it was free." Sweet Deal. I drove it for 3 years and had the option of giving/selling it or spending $300 to de-register it and send it to the junkyard. We needed something to drive until we left the island and out-processing was busy and stressful. I chose a common route, by signing a Specific Power of Attorney to another military member so they could do the paperwork of changing ownership after we left. You have to trust the other person to do their part before the 4 month POA expired. We trusted him. We had good reason. We left the car in the airport parking lot for the guy to pick up after we left. TRUST NO-ONE!

Two years later, late 2006, I get an email saying the car was found abandoned somewhere. I dug around until I found the name of the untrustworthy jerk (which today I can't remember) and the point of contact assured me he would take care of the issue through him. I heard nothing else again for over a year so I figured it was taken care of. Yesterday I got a bill from MCCS for the towing and disposal fees. I saw it was for $170 and I figured I was mad but it was worth it to make the issue go away. Then I saw the second page for $320...and Now I'm Pissed Off. I emailed the point of contact asking for clarification, but I have little hope that he is even the right person anymore, people always come and go. If I don't hear anything in a week, I guess I'll bite the bullet and send the $490.

Also, I accidentally dated my first check of the year with 3 Jan 2007. Every year, and always with the rent. Figures. I think that its an omen, I won't have a good year until I can stop not do that. That means, naturally, that I have to stop using checks, which means I have to stop being a renter.

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  1. What is this "shirt"? Military slang or mundane slang? Anyway, I have discovered that trust is not something to believe in. It's always a case of having to do it yourself. I've been burned about a thousand too many times to allow the illusion of trust to cloud my judgment. Maybe I should focus on being positive? "Serenity now, serenity now..."