Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've had this project brewing in my mind for over a month now. I bought these 4 tiles with flowers on them, and then two more that were also floral but larger and with a square-mosaic background. I didn't want to try to line up or arrange them on the wall with nothing behind, didn't want to agonize over nail placement. So the plan was to attach the four small ones to a canvas or board painted in the same pattern as the two larger ones, so they match. Cool, eh?
wallflowers idea

For the bargain-basement price of $56, I purchased a large canvas, 4 large tubes of acrylic paint, cheap-o paintbrushes, plaster-stuff, mega-hold glue, decorative beads **, 1/2 price Dove chocolates, and a package of gum. I bought a new spatula, sheets, and kitchen towels recently, so I had the following items at home: old asian-print sheet as drop-cloth, small brownie knife* (i have 3 more, no biggie), old metal spatula*, 6-year-old kitchen towel*, kitchen sponge*, wooden skewer for stirring, cardboard inserts from new sheets to use as a palette.
**at this point I was trying and failing to escape without buying the entire store
*for texture and spreading of plaster-stuff

I spent 4 hours painting last night, and then about an hour this morning gluing the tiles on and touching up a few spots. I'm still waiting for the glue to dry, no indications on the bottle as to how long that takes.

Work in Progress 1

Mid Project Appreciation Mid Project Appreciation 1

Work in Progress 2

Work in Progress 3

Finished Product

I might take some close-up pictures later, because the textures are really nice that I got with my spatula and brownie knife. But really, the point of the story is this: I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!

The end for now.

PS. If you love me, you'll gift me a flickr upgrade....*bats eyelashes*
PSS. If I love myself, I'll gift me a flickr upgrade, dammit.

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