Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bird Chatter

Rigel loves to chatter, sort of in the same rhythm as my voice when I talk to him. Not if I talk to him, but if I'm talking to someone else, like on the phone or to Michael or the person repairing the screens. He's all: "HI! I'm HERE! I'm part of the GROUP! This is FUN! Talking is EXTREMELY FUN!" Then I say something directly to him and he's all "Ok, I'm listening intently."


He also has different voices for chatter and for whistling. He doesn't whistle. I whistle and he chatters in a lower, more breathy voice. I'm so glad I got all that orthodontic treatment, so I can whistle to my parrot.

He's now to the point where he "says" Prettybird and Step-Up. Kind of like a parent "knows" their toddler is saying Mama.

He also likes to vocalize to music and/or to me singing with him. He loves the Farscape Theme.

The key to getting any of this on video is, apparently, to make the camera invisible in some way or make the music so loud that it keeps the camera from really hearing him. I totally understand, I hate the sound of my recorded voice, too. Which is why you will not be viewing any of us singing "Shake-Shake-Shake, Shake-Shake-Shake, Shake your boo-ty." Ever.

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