Monday, February 11, 2008

Evil Eye

The bird seemed uneasy this morning before school. He kept jumping off my hand and trying to fly a bit. I figured he's feeling a little off since he's getting at least 3 new flight feathers right now.

The Calculus test came back today. 64% plus 4 for a bad question. Not happy.

I returned home to pick up the dessert for today's SPS meeting. Rigel still seemed uneasy about me, wouldn't come out of the cage. This is the same bird that runs out and has to be bribed and cajoled into returning. Odd. Then I had a hunch. I went and put on my grey sweater, zipped all the way up. Happy Bird. Sweater off. He perches still but leans back off my finger like he's about to fall off. He's afraid of my new shirt. Its crisp blue, with a childish doodle of a whale, but there's a heart-shaped patch of fabric sewn on it. The pattern is circles with triangles inside. From a bird perspective I'm guessing it translates into EVIL EVIL EYES OF THE THING THAT IS GOING TO EEEEAAAAATTTTSSSS ME!

So yeah, anyway. I went to Physics and we finally got our tests back from last week. Brace yourself: 100%

I totally needed that.

People seemed to like the cake. Also, I've changed my shirt now.

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  1. Haha! That's funny about Rigel being afraid of your shirt...maybe you should take him shopping with you to help pick out clothes...because apparently he's a diva. :P