Friday, February 29, 2008


I bought a Papaya, some mangoes, and some peaches last weekend. The peaches were overripe to the point of being tasteless, and I have a recipe for the mangoes. Papaya...hmmm I've never made anything with papaya.

So I'm going to try this. Hopefully the fruit hasn't gone bad yet.

Meanwhile, my parrot doesn't love me anymore, I think. He's cranky. I did change around his cage layout, because I bought him a bunch of new stuff. We've started using a sleep cage in the bedroom so he isn't disturbed by us watching TV or using the kitchen. He also also needs his nails trimmed and is getting a few more flight feathers in. Yeah, his attitude sucks right now.

It manifests as squack sqUACK SQUACK-ing from the door of his cage, but then refusing to step up when I go get him. He's bad for attacking my hand if I do anything relating to his water containers, but that's all the time.

Maybe he'll like some fresh papaya.

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