Friday, February 8, 2008


Rodney McKay is a worthless stupid character. Fucknut.


So I had a Physics test on Monday, and Calculus this morning. I feel good about how I did on the Physics test, but it hasn't been graded yet. Calculus test...I swear I studied for it...

The weather has been up and down all week. 85 on Monday, 30 on Wednesday, 77 today. Meanwhile the apartment complex is renovating the exterior, starting with the wood trim. Three days of pounding outside the window, nowhere to take the bird that didn't freak him out, and now there are gouges in all my window screens and the front window frame is cracked and loose. Really, a bang-up job, guys.

Earlier this week I also cleaned the kitchen and loaded/ran the dishwasher twice, cleaned the birdcage, ran my laundry including all the bath and kitchen towels, bought new pillowcases, baked a blueberry and strawberry dessert, made lunch once, and dinner at least twice.

I spent this afternoon massively cleaning the apartment, the bed is made, the windows are washed, the dishes are done, the floor is vacuumed, belongings have been removed from the balcony in preparation for painting, and the kitchen is clean. Hell, the kitchen floor is mopped, I shit you not. I also made baked chicken and vegetable for dinner. Not that anyone appreciates that I was on the kitchen floor scrubbing before baking a kick-ass dinner and after pouring my brains into a Calculus 3 exam, because there isn't enough juice or nookie. Cause/Effect.

More Port.

Please tell me Dr Kaylee isn't flirting with Mckay. Kill me now please.

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