Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wild Streak

I started to comment on Going Grey at Hoyden About Town, but it wouldn't send and its kinda long anyway, so here 'tis.

I've been going grey since I hit puberty, at 12. By that I mean I have had 1 grey hair on the right of my part since then. I would occasionally pluck It, because the adage is dumb. It would grow back, all by Its lonesome. I lightened my hair once, and dyed it black another, but not to cover the grey. At around 20, It started growing up high in a curve to come down and poke me in the eye, but I think that's because I was wearing my hair in an extremely tight bun with lots of hair gel (military). Either that, or it was all "Dammit, stop plucking me! Ahhh!!! I shall poke you!!!"

Oh goodness, I'm turning 25 this year. You might not think that's old, but I'm probably the only greying student in my freshman physics class. I've left the miltary and dyed my hair plum once last year.

Much to my joy, actually, my grey hair has been joined by a few close friends. I'm hoping they will get together to become one of those cute grey streaks. No way I'm dying it...unless purple strikes me again.

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