Sunday, February 24, 2008

Updated Flickr Profile

I inherited an overactive camera finger, but luckily I developed a small sense of quality over quantity all by myself. Yeah, most of my family's photos are random, an entire box of pictures of clouds taken from a moving vehicle.

Anyway, my big project right now is uploading old (mostly good) photos that I got from my Mom. They were stored in a giant plastic tub, bent up, stuck together, mixed in with a bunch that were inside our van when it caught fire about 12 years ago. I sorted the burned from the not, and then sorted by family member or scenery. When I get done uploading and tagging those that are on my computer, I need to get the rest scanned. Its alot, so if anyone knows where I can send them off (safely) to be scanned in high-quality, please send me a link or something. I sold my old crappy scanner last year, and really don't want to buy a new one.

I've been "Favoriting" alot of photos lately, too. Go check them out!

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